Frank Carey

My work mostly involves software engineering, but I'm also generally interested in technology, brain science, robotics, and a lot more.

Web Development

I've been creating websites since the 90s, but since 2006 most of my time has been spent leveraging and extending the Drupal Content Management System. Most recently I was working with Sony Music, leading the development of their artist site platform, which drives over 300 musician and band sites like Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, and Beyonce.


I received my Molecular Biology BS at SUNY New Platz in 2008. I continue to be very interested in molecular biology, specifically Brain Science. While many strides have been made, how the mind works is still largely unknown, which makes it a challenging but interesting field. I'm working to combine topics in robotics brain science with a new site called Bots & Brains.

Robotics and A.I.

I'm currently (Fall 2012) a graduate student in Computer Science at SUNY New Paltz. My research focus is Robotics and Artifical Intelligence. Follow me at Bots & Brains. and on twitter for more information on that work.